The Company

originiWe have to go back in time to the beginning of the 20th century to find the origins of Edilizia Azzacconi s.r.l.; it is precisely then that the master builder Azzacconi Albino sets up a family business, operating in the civil building industry.  Later his son Alberico joined the business learning from the his father’s wisdom and experience, and continuing the work with dedication and professionalism. In 1979, Alberico’s three sons,  Aldo, Lucio and Giuliano Azzacconi expanded the the family firm, transforming it into a company with the new name of Edilizia Azzacconi s.r.l.; in this way, the seed sown by their grandfather grows to become a stronger and stronger plant, that now also works in industrial construction and renovation of buildings, and  replacing pick and chisel with more modern equipment.  Following the family tradition, the Giuliano’s sons also join the company in 1989: with the arrival of the surveyor Massimo Azzacconi the company has the opportunity to increase its skills and productivity. In 2004 with the entry of Sergio Azzacconi the company undergoes a decisive turn adapting to change and opening to an increasingly wide market.  Over a century Edilizia Azzacconi s.r.l. has grown more and more and from rural construction work of its origins it has come to the restoration and renovation of our times, always  following its founder’s philosophy of "quality".


foto fondatoriActive in various fields of construction, from new buildings and maintenance of civil and industrial constructions,  to the most innovative building based on bio-architectural criteria, and restoration, Edilizia   Azzacconi s.r.l. has as its primary intent the attention to customers before, during and after completion of the work,  providing expertise, professionalism and use of top-quality materials.  The company, which employs an average of 20 employees, in addition to the owners, has reached excellent levels of efficiency and quality, and is able to operate in full compliance with prevention and safety regulations on construction sites and bring to completion outstanding work in the civil, industrial, and agricultural fields and in the renovation of buildings, also with environmental value.

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